Pinnacle Studio 23-26 Revealed Downloads

Clicking on the Zip file links offers you the chance to save any of the files, or you can right click and choose Save Link As…. If the asset files are stored in a folder structure located at C:/Pinnacle Studio Revealed, when you open a project in Studio you should not need to re-link any media. If you download either of the zip files, unzip them to the root of your C: Drive and the folder structure will be recreated. The Compact file excludes some large video files but will get you started.

Full Zip File (4Gb) –

Compact Zip – (1Gb) –

Folder Zip Files – Folders containing the named assets. After downloading, each zip should be extracted into C:/Pinnacle Studio Revealed  and the relevant folder will be created.

All Audio Files (10Mb) –

All Music Files (1Mb) –

All Photo Files (15Mb) –

Project Files (2Mb) –

Title and Menu Files (1Mb) –

Templates (1Mb) –

Video Zip Files – these should be extracted into C:/Pinnacle Studio Revealed/Video which you must create manually.

Car Clips (74Mb) –

NTSC Cycling Clips (173Mb) –

PAL Cycling Clips (170Mb) –

MultiCam Clips (26Mb) –

Various Smaller Clips (47Mb) –

Full Video Files – Unzip these files into C:/Pinnacle Studio Revealed/Video after downloading.

Drone Clip LQ (218Mb) –

Drone Cip MQ (582Mb) –

Drone Clip HQ (2GB) –

Flight Over Snowdon (72Mb) –

The Sky Is The Limit (94Mb) –

Train 360 Clip (318Mb) –