Videomaking – The Grammar Revealed

Film and TV uses a visual language for telling stories, and we are all subconsciously aware of the syntax and grammar of that language. It has been around in an almost  fully developed state for over 100 years. However, if you haven’t researched or been trained in the subject, it is easy to break the rules without realising that you are doing so.

This book isn’t aimed at making you obey the rules. Once you know them you can break them, but understanding the framework will allow you to think more clearly. I assume little or no knowledge at the start of the book. I don’t discuss the technicalities of specific camera or sound recording hardware, nor do I assume you are using any particular video editing software package. Whatever level your moviemaking is at, I hope that you can learn something you didn’t know already. I’d like to think that even some seasoned industry professionals might be taking a sneak peek at the sections about crossing the line.

If there were only right or wrong ways of making movies there would be no creativity – it would be a science, not an art. However, artists can benefit from knowing the ground rules

Format – Perfect bound 9.25 x 7.5 inches (235 x 191mm). 150 pages 169 illustrations.

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