No Man’s Sky Revealed

Currently in Print – A Newcomer’s Guide to Version 4 and Later

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If you are new to No Man’s Sky, this book will get you up and running with a walk-through of the first mission, so you can quickly move on to the more creative game play.
Part Two explains the NMS Universe and how it works. There are descriptions of the equipment that keeps you alive and transports you across Planets, Solar Systems and even Galaxies. Friends and Enemies, Civilisation, Bases and becoming rich are all covered, as well as interacting with Creatures, adopting pets and exploring Derelict Freighters
. Part Three describes the major missions as well as how to acquire Marine Bases and Living Ships.
 The book is full of tips but avoids spoilers, and includes a comprehensive index.

Format – Perfect bound 9.25 x 7.5 inches (235 x 191mm). 22 B&W Illustrations, 262 pages. RRP £10.99 (€11.99 or $13.99) ISBN 9780993487149

Available from Amazon and good retail outlets.