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Pinnacle Studio 24

In October 2020 Pinnacle introduced a new patch for PS24 – A number for relatively minor changes were made to the program along with the usual stability fixes. I have reflected these in a second edition of Pinnacle Studio 24 Revealed but if your copy of the book is shown as a first edition the following notes will be relevant. There is also a PDF available of pages 308 to 318 as these have seen the bulk of the changes.

Page 22 – New Disc

This option now only appears in the File menu if you have enabled legacy authoring.

The Title Editor in general

A new button has been added to the Text panel – Color settings. If you click on this, the panel will scroll down to the Fill selection box.

The Legacy Motions tab has been renamed to Legacy Motions and Layer List in order to point out that you can change the order of layers using the context menu Order commands.

The Mini Library now has another available category – Overlays. These objects were available in the Library but now you can also add them as objects to a title.

Pages 308 to 318 – Title motion parameters have changed significantly between patches and, with some icons altered, values flipped and the addition of a new checkbox – Track Layer/Line/Word/Letter. This means that some motion titles made in 24.0.1 may behave differently or even not work at all, and loading titles from earlier versions causes a conversion process to occur. To this end the PSR_Title_2 to 4 projects and titles have been remade and if you downloaded them before you should re-download them again in order for them to work correctly. You should also download the amended pages related to titles motion from the link below before attempting the projects yourself, where you will also find an explanation of the new Track checkbox.

Page 393 – The Properties rotation pivot point

The Piviot point does not now appear if you have the PiP or Scale functions selected.

Page 487 – Face Detection

There are now an additional set of tracking tools and a Modify button above the Mask creation preview window.


PS24 Revealed rewrite of pages 308 to 318 –

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