Pinnacle Studio 16 to 21 Revealed Downloads

Complete download package. Clicking on the direct links should offer you the chance to save any of the files, or you can right click and choose Save Link As…. or Save Target As…

OneDrive links may be quicker and will offer you a download option when you reach the OneDrive page

All PS16 to 21 Files –

All PS16 to 21 Files on OneDrive –

If your Internet connection struggles, here are smaller downloads omitting files you won’t need until much leter in the books.

PS16 to 21 Smaller Files –

PS16 to 21 Smaller Files on OneDrive –

When the Zip file has loaded, unzip it to My Documents and use Scan for Media in the Studio importer to add all the files to the Library.

The Project1mp2 file. You may already have this from earlier books.

Project1mp2 (Flight over Snowdon Rushes) –

Project 1 mp4 compact –

Bird Slome Cineform File –

360 Degree Video Samples –

Cycling Clips –

If you have deleted the Pinnacle Studio sample footage, the PAL and NTSC versions are here:

The Sky Is The Limit PAL –

The Sky Is The Limit NTSC –