Magix Movie Edit Pro 2015

Magix Movie Edit Pro 2015 Revealed is far more than a replacement for the manual. Beginning with the basic principles of video editing and exploring the editing functions with simple examples, the book then guides you through increasingly powerful features with the aid of sample projects.

Discover mattes, keyframed effects, the use of multiple cameras, chromakey, motion tracking and much more, then make a final DVD to show off you’re newly found skills. Getting started requires nothing more than the Program DVD, or you can freely download the sample clips needed. Material for the later chapters can either be downloaded or sent to you on a DVD at cost price. If you aren’t new to editing, but want to find out more about Movie Edit Pro, the chapter structure and index will allow you to use the book as a reference.

This is part of the series of Revealed books on editing video, drawing on feedback from earlier titles which have garnered much praise.

Format – Perfect bound 9.25 x 7.5 inches (235 x 191mm). 534 pages. RRP £29.99 (€34.99 or $44.99)

ISBN 9780956486684

Available from Amazon, and good retail outlets.