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Video - Revealed


For use with both Studio 14 and 15, expanded and with additional project checkpoints.

Format - Perfect bound Royal (233 x 156mm). 340 pages. RRP £19.99 (€22.99 or $29.99)

ISBN 9780956486615

Available from this website, Amazon, Createspace and good retail outlets.

"This book is very clear & far easier to use than the manual which came with the software. I had become so frustrated with the instructions which came with the software, it was unused for four months. With Pinnacle Studio 14 Revealed I was editing videos in no time. Would thoroughly recommend"

David D., 9 June 2011

     Review -

Joe aka Loosecannon, kfdaddy

I think this is an excellent book for the novice who is new to video editing and wants to do more than just simple cut, copy, and paste type edits. It will put you on the path to quicker learning and better editing skills. The more experienced editors may think they don’t need yet another book or tutorial. But the fact is we all tend to get set in the way we do things and it doesn’t hurt to review the things you may have forgotten about over the last few years.

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